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Peekaboo Gallery is proud to announce our alignment with one of the most fun and innovative pop culture destinations on the planet: The VALLEY RELICS Museum! From September 30th to November 4th, we will feature many items from our forthcoming CONSUMERAMA collection in the museum. Special added displays of choice selections from the auction will be on exhibit and an even more fun HOLLYWOOD HORROR & MONSTER tableaux of items from the sale will be featured for the HALLOWEEN SEASON! So, come on down to VALLEY RELICS and enjoy their melting pot of pop culture! 


More details on the auction with the online catalog and registration coming soon!

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EXOTIKON is a fully immersive 21+ experience. Within the enclosed habitat of WISDOME LA, one can think of our festival as the DISNEYLAND of EXOTICA! A theme park of escapism, complete with different lands, shopping, live music, symposiums, displays, projections and more…

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