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As contemporary culture spirals out in a further orbit from the 20th Century, it becomes ever more apparent how unique and fantastic that period really was. What we need now is a huge celebration, somewhere cool where we can come together and bask in the glory of what was…


Peekaboo Gallery presents, CONSUMERAMA!


It’s a fun celebration of 20th Century popular consumer culture held at one of the most fun and unique venues in the world: THE VALLEY RELICS MUSEUM located in Los Angeles, California.


Expertly curated, the CONSUMERAMA! is a homecoming of cultural artifacts from all facets of post-war, commercial consumerism in America. If you were a kid in the 1950s thru the 1990s, this show will have something that hits that hot nerve of nostalgia we all love!


CONSUMERAMA! showcases everything in the fantastic, surfacy world of American consumer lifestyle, from FOOD and FASHION to MUSIC and MOVIES.


Comic art and memorabilia, theme parks, toys, fast food, vintage gaming and electronics, automotive, movie memorabilia and so much more will be both on display and will culminate in a PEEKABOO GALLERY – WORLDWIDE LIVE AUCTION EVENT!


This year, we are excited to feature a special presentation within the museum: CONSUMERAMA’S POP! HORROR! Collection. This gathering of mid-century classic horror from the golden age of Americana will be lavishly showcased especially for visitors to enjoy during the 2023 Halloween season! LIFE-SIZE UNIVERAL MONSTERS and other horror art and memorabilia featured in this display will be available for bids on the auction block on NOVEMBER 5th! This display will augment some of the museum’s own incredible Hollywood Horror collections. For any fan of classic horror and Halloween, you won’t want to miss this special engagement! 


*NOTE: None of the Valley Relics Museum exhibits are for sale. Only CONSUMERAMA! items will be on offer for the live auction event. Partial proceeds from CONSUMERAMA! to benefit the Valley Relics Museum.



THE VALLEY RELICS MUSEUM off the Van Nuys Airport is truly one of the most entertaining historical venues in the world. The curation and taste and frankly, goodwill this museum enjoys makes it a MUST SEE for anyone interested in popular culture history. It’s a feast for the senses and the mind with one mind-blowing display after the next, flowing across its two airplane hangar showrooms. From historic neon signs to the smallest novelty stickers, the comprehensive collection of Los Angeles and in-turn American popular culture is a marvel in-of-itself. 


Led by owner/curator Tommy Gelinas and his incredible team of volunteers, the museum’s mission is to “collect, preserve, interpret, and present the history of The San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas in order to share with residents and visitors alike the stories of those who shaped the region and its role in the nations development.”  




7900 Balboa Blvd

Lake Balboa, CA 91406

Hangar C3 & 4

(Entrance on STAGG ST)




Saturdays: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Sundays:    10:00am – 3:00pm


General Admission: $15 donation

Kids 10 and under: Free


  • OPENING DAY - SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30th: The CONSUMERAMA exhibition will kick-off at 10am with a special opening day during normal museum hours of 10am to 3pm and the general admission price of $15 (Kids 10 and under free). Trick or treat Halloween candy for the kids and other refreshments.

  • OCTOBER 1st thru NOVEMBER 4th:  The Valley Relics will be open during regular  museum  hours each Saturday and Sunday of October thru Saturday , November 4th. General admission is a $15 donation to the museum (Kids 10 and under free). Special events during the CONSUMERAMA month will be announced.

  • LIVE AUCTION- SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5th:   PEEKABOO GALLERY’S exciting LIVE AUCTION event will take place in-person on museum showroom floor with the doors opening at 9am. Pre-registration will be online at with more information to be posted here and on social media. You may also sign up for our email subscription to get information email alerts HERE.   Pre-registered bidder check-in to receive your paddle begins at 9am. Live bidding will begin at 11am PST. Online bidders will be able to view the action in the room and bid in real time.  Peekaboo’s live auctions are renowned for their thrill and excitement. You won’t want to miss this fun event or the incredible selection of COMMERCIAL POP-CULTURE MAGIC on offer in this sale! 


Click the link below for more information about the LIVE AUCTION CATALOG and REGISTRATION.

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