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Peekaboo Gallery, The Pop Culture Time Machine™, is a fresh concept in the curation, exhibition and sale of exceptional antiques and collectable memorabilia. Through innovative, experiential presentations, Peekaboo Gallery offers its visitors an unabashed celebration of that most fantastic, harrowing and innovative period in history known as the 20th Century.

Peekaboo Gallery is the creation of Jordan Reichek. A veteran producer/director in the animation industry, Jordan was also a rabid gatherer of everything vintage pop-culture. His sizeable collections included records, furniture, automobiles, illustration art, clothing, posters, coin-op, ephemera, comics and advertising. His two most passionate fields were vintage commercial tiki décor and Walt Disney’s first theme park, Disneyland.

Unsatisfied with the conventional formats of convoluted themed auctions and traditional wholesale dealers, Jordan yearned for an alternative way to liquidate some of his holdings. Using his experience as a storyteller in animation, Jordan conceived a new way to present his unique collections for sale, showcasing them in two innovatively themed events.

The Story of Disneyland: An Exhibition & Sale was the first dedicated auction entirely of Disneyland memorabilia. Using theatrical storytelling, every aspect of the exhibition created a fun atmosphere where visitors and buyers were engaged in an experiential way. The auction catalog itself, a work of art and a finely curated celebration of its subject matter. The auction was an overwhelming success. With the ground-breaking sale, Jordan opened the door to a dormant field of collecting and introduced theme parks to the auction world. What followed were several more Disneyland auctions, culminating into collector, Richard Kraft’s, That’s From Disneyland!, record-shattering 2018 auction.

The second sale presented the historical significance of mid-century Polynesian commercial escapism in The Art of Tiki: No False Idols. That show was also capped with an original book/catalog by famed author and Tiki impresario, Sven Kirsten. With overwhelming press and public enthusiasm, the exhibition sold out before the doors even opened.

Now, with Peekaboo Gallery, the mission is to offer the veteran and novice, hunters and browsers a museum-esque, theatrical experience where the subject matter showcased alternates on a regular basis. It’s both an online destination and roaming, pop-up presentations of vintage memorabilia. These include an ever-rotating selection of artifacts on the web store and several themed exhibitions a year that culminate in an exciting auction event.

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Peekaboo Gallery’s innovative format is also designed for the seller. The many sharply directed sale events are an incredible opportunity for top collectors and dealers in their given fields to consign items without the fear of low reserves and shoddy representation. If you have anything from an exceptional one-of-a-kind item or a finely curated lifetime collection and are looking for a beneficial path to maximizing your return, Peekaboo Gallery is worth your consideration. For estates of fine antiques and collectables, Peekaboo Gallery offers customized representation for the best path of liquidation. Many concerns for estate planning of heirs and the trusts are the proper methods of identification and marketing of estate antique assets. With our representation, Peekaboo will work together in consultation with beneficiaries and their counsel to maximize not only their inheritance, but also the legacy of their loved ones’ passion.

Our first exhibitions included; 25¢ A Play: The Art of the Videocade, a show which recreates the ultimate 1982 mall arcade experience, where top-shelf, vintage video games as well as rare original commercial Atari artwork were on offer. Welcome Aboard, The Friendly Skies!: The Art of High Altitude Travel, where the finest of a century of air travel is showcased in the striking stage of a upper lounge deck of a 757 Jumbo Jet! Everything from rare promotional aircraft models to an unprecedented selection of vintage stewardess uniforms were gathered for this innovative exhibition and sale.

We openly welcome all to browse our online gallery and discover within our pop-culture emporium that once again, something old can be something new!



Jordan Reichek is an award-winning, veteran animation producer/director whose versatile work has spanned feature films, television and web series as well as animation techniques for the last 30 years.

Jordan’s love of pop culture is informed by his work in entertainment and extends to his avid collecting of memorabilia, relics, objet d’art, etc. in wide ranging subjects from Disneyland and Tiki culture to The Beatles and Americana.

He was educated in film and animation at Cal Arts, USC Film School, NYU Film School, and Pratt Institute before entering the professional animation field. Starting as a core member of the Spumco “Ren & Stimpy” creative team, he moved on to work in various production capacities on shows such as Steve Spielberg’s “Tiny Toons” and “Animaniacs,” “The Simpsons,” “The Baby Huey Show,” and “The Woody Woodpecker Show.”

Later, he began to develop innovative animation properties for the major studios and networks like Disney/Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Cartoon Studios, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Television Animation.

He produced, wrote and directed the Cartoon Network Special, “The Groovenians,” which was created by famed pop artist, Kenny Scharf. This groundbreaking CGI show starred Dennis Hopper, Paul Reubens, Debi Mazar, Vincent Gallo, RuPaul and features the music of the B-52’s and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame.

He also produced and directed the cult web series, “Dream Detective,” which was created by maverick underground artist, Robert Williams. In addition, he produced and directed pilot and series development for the Nickelodeon series, “Invader Zim,” for which he received “the best television pilot award,” at the prestigious International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy, France. His most recent productions include creation of several new shows for Cartoon Network, “Animal Control!” and the Lego series, “MIXELS”.

His other accomplishments include animated corporate graphics, commercial graphic design, story and development work, and videogame story and design for franchises such as, “Crash Bandicoot” for Vivendi-Universal.

Most recently, he has produced successful gallery exhibition sales featuring items from his Disneyland and Tiki culture collections. He founded Peekaboo Gallery in January 2018, in Pasadena, California.

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