THE FRIENDLY SKIES: The Art of High Altitude Travel


Peekaboo Gallery assembled the largest exhibition of purchase-worthy vintage airline memorabilia and has produced an interactive experience where you can relive the magic and glamour of commercial airline’s glorious past.

The Friendly Skies: The Art of High Altitude Travel exhibition and sale featured some of the most sought-after vintage airline memorabilia and collectibles, taking guests back to a time when traveling aboard a luxury airliner was a truly magical experience. Presented as an interactive experience for guests featuring a full-size vintage PAN AM Jetliner Photo Booth which served as the official picture spot, a collection of vintage flight attendant uniforms from around the globe and a runway couture show on an airport runway highlighting some of the most fashionable airline styles from the 1940s to the 1990s.

For collectors, the collection of extraordinary artifacts from the most dynamic airlines provides a rare opportunity to purchase a unique piece of pop culture history. From the infancy of regular U.S. passenger airline service in 1914, travelers have saved numerous pieces of airline and aviation memorabilia. The luxuriousness of yesteryear’s airline travel often included meals served on fine china, spacious seating and other world-class amenities. Relics of this glorious past are now collectibles of value. Vintage airline equipment and signage, travel agency jet-plane display models, crew uniforms and rare travel posters are now coveted by collectors. Other rare items related to major airlines like PAN AM, Braniff, TWA, United, Eastern, British Airways and even the Soviet airline, AEROFLOT.

Highlights of the exhibition included a massive airport display model of a 1970s Concorde Supersonic jet, rare stewardess gear from a 1944 complete TWA uniform to the ultimate 1960s EMILIO PUCCI Go-Go flight attendant fashions from Braniff Airways. A stunning 9-foot, 1950s sky stairs porcelain sign from Eastern Airlines, an original 1970 PETER MAX Pan Am 747 silkscreen poster, original DELTA Airlines travel poster production paintings, a TWA Constellation travel agency model and an incredible selection of vintage passenger flight bags from many airlines which evoke the glamour and excitement.

The exhibition garnered rave reviews and attention from both traditional and social media alike. Local news coverage such as KTLA in Los Angeles, to such print outlets such as Travel Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times covered the innovative event.

Peekaboo Gallery continues to carry unique airline memorabilia on its website in the Gallery web store. Visit it now!