WELCOME ABOARD THE FRIENDLY SKIES: The Art of High Altitude Travel Online Airline Auction


The Art of High Altitude Travel Online Airline Auction

Peekaboo Gallery, known for our themed exhibitions and sales, is now proud to announce our first “Pop-Up Auction”! This one-time opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to bid a expertly curated selection culled from advanced collectors of rare airline memorabilia, posters and an unprecedented offering of haute couture stewardess uniforms spanning the era of commercial air travel.

Join Peekaboo Gallery as we embark on a flight of fancy as The Pop Culture Time Machine celebrates the rich, 100 year history of commercial air travel. Visitors and collectors will have access to an extraordinary gathering of rare artifacts of a by-gone era, when air travel was an adventure of luxury and style. See the gallery transformed into a an international jetport with displays of high fashion couture, dynamic industrial aircraft models and eye-catching travel posters which evoke the graphic spirit of their chosen subjects with adventurous impressionism. In a world of cramped seating, non-existent amenities and shoeless security checks, step back in time and delight in the luxurious style of commercial air travel’s fabulous past.