Looking for Consignments for Creature Features


We are looking for the best themed memorabilia that represents what Creature Features has always had to offer: wondrous Hollywood entertainment and pop-culture that will last the ages!

This is an incredible opportunity for sellers and buyers, freaks and geeks to come together in an unprecedented themed event and auction. We already have an incredible line-up of rare and fun items. Why not take this opportunity to showcase your memorabilia along with some of the best on the market? Whether it’s one unique artifact or an entire, lifelong collection, we’re interested in seeing what you have. Contact us to submit your items!


We’re Looking for (and the categories we’re featuring):

Items can include artwork, props, rare collectables, one-of-a-kind, posters, toys and any related of the following categories:


· Animation Art
· Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings
· Stop Motion (Ray Harryhausen, Willis O’Brien, King Kong)
· Illustration art
· Wizard of Oz
· Jim Henson (Muppets, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth)
· Ray Harryhausen
· Disney (non-theme park)
· George Lucas & Steven Spielberg
· Ray Bradbury
· Rankin/Bass


· Early Cinema – (Fritz Lang, George Meilles, etc)
· 30s-40s Hollywood – (Flash Gordon, etc)
· Television Sci-Fi- (Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Gerry Anderson, Dr. Who, 70s)
· Star Trek & Gene Roddenberry (TV, movies, one-shots, development)
· Irwin Allen (Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
· Classic Sci-Fi – Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Planet of the Apes
· Spielberg & Lucas – (Raiders, Star Wars, Close Encounters, etc)
· Spielberg & Lucas Rip Offs – (Italian cinema, low budget sci-fi, porn)
· The Bronze Plated Age – 70s & 80s Sci Fi – (Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, Robocop, Verhoeven, Zemeckis, Ridley Scott)
· Hunger Games
· X-Files
· Pinball/Video games related

HORROR: “Gods and Monsters!”

Early Cinema – (Nosferatu, Dracula, Der Golemn)
· Universal Monsters and others
· 1950s – (Post-War, Drive Ins, Hitchcock, Atomic Horror & Communism, Television/Shock Theater, Horror Hosts)
· 1960s – (Magazines/Pop-Horror such as Famous Monsters, Hammer films, Japanese Monster/Toho Studios, William Castle)
· 1970s/80s – (Spielberg, Corman, Carpenter, Cronenberg, Hooper, etc. Alien & Aliens)
· Pinball/Video games related
(Perhaps some related model kits, limited editions peppered throughout this section)
· Tim Burton
· Stephen King
· Walking Dead
· Twilight
· Buffy the Vampire Slayer


· Halloween ephemera
· Artwork, both old and new
· Vintage and new custom costumes (Ben Cooper, Don Post, etc)
· Décor (vintage and new)
· Hollywood animation (Charlie Brown, etc)
· They Did It Themselves Halloween!
(Private Haunted Houses and Home Displays, props, design, etc)


· Vintage comics
· Vintage Artwork
· Television & Related Toys (Monster, Space, Superhero, etc)
· Games
· Animated Characters
· Monster (Aurora, Hamilton’s Invaders, MARX, etc)
· Sci-Fi (Tin Robots, Shogun Warriors, Transformers, Mars Attacks, etc)


· Disneyland
· Haunted Mansion
· Pirates
· Universal Studios Tour
· Knott’s Berry Farm (Knott’s Scary Farm)
· Carnival & Themed Restaurants
· Movieland Wax Museum


· Stage Magic History and Ephemera
· Posters
· Stage Equipment
· Artwork
· Freak and Side Show Banners, artifacts, etc
· Circus
· Autographs
· Vintage Photography

Please inquire with Peekaboo Gallery at consign@peekaboogallery.com or call 626.800.3555 and we’ll respond in short order. Please leave your name, email address, phone number and the items you’re interested in consigning.