In honor of this Summer’s highly anticipated feature film by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures, GODZILLA: King of the MonstersPeekaboo Gallery is proud to announce an unprecedented celebration of the world’s favorite radioactive lizard!

VINYL CONFLICT: The World of Godzilla Toys

VINYL CONFLICT: The World of Godzilla Toys, is the largest single gathering of vintage Godzilla and related Kaiju toys and collectables to come on the auction block.  Whether you are a veteran collector or just beginning your journey through the absolutely fantastic world of Godzilla memorabilia, this sale is a great opportunity to expand your passion for Gojira!  In the world of Godzilla collecting, no category is more highly prized than the creative, novel genre of vinyl figures.  Ranging from a few inches tall to a few feet, this diverse class of Japanese toys goes back to its earliest days in the 1960s and continues to flourish in what is now considered a full fledged artistic medium.  Special editions, rare variants and super-limited show exclusives gives the field of vinyl toy collecting a wide scope of collector avenues to explore and boundaries to push.  

VINYL CONFLICT: The World of Godzilla Toys, features the Mark Livolsi Collection.  Mark was a life-long devotee of everything monsters and fantasy however, nothing more than his unquenchable love of Godzilla.  One can witness this in the meticulous attention to curation within this massive collection.  Mark was a highly talented and well-celebrated lead feature film editor.  You may have heard of some of his films such as The Jungle BookSaving Mr. Banks, The Blind Side, Wedding Crashers, The Devil Wears Prada, Vanilla Sky, Wonder and the forthcoming, The Lion King.  Mark’s passion for Godzilla was well known in Hollywood among his friends and colleagues and now, with this dedicated exhibition and auction can you share in the joy of this wonderful personal collection. 

The Limited Edition Exhibition Catalog:

VINYL CONFLICT: The World of Godzilla Toys, will also have an incredible art-book style exhibition catalog available of the entire collection.  Crisp, full-color photography featuring the wide range of Godzilla toys are represented.  Everything from the earliest vinyl toys to the expansive world of Gashapon capsule prizes are covered in loving detail!  Original makers such as Bullmark, Marusan, Bandai and Popy are featured as well as newer masterpieces from manufacturers such as Marmit, M-1 and Super 7. Organized with a progressional narrative in mind, the exhibition and auction weaves a tale of Godzilla in historical context.

Broken into three parts, the catalog progression takes us through eras of Godzilla cinema: SHOWA, HEISEI and MILLENNIUM.  The toys, posters and various products are gathered in topical themes to give visitors and bidders a virtual tour of Toho history!  

This high-quality, limited edition art book comes only in hardcover and will feature over 850 lots of Godzilla goodness.  Exhibition consultant, Sean Linkenback provides introductions and categorical insight to the show context.   Numbers are limited so reserve your copy now!  

Also, pre-registration for the auction is available to assure your place in bidding and get the latest news.

Exhibition and auction specifics will be announced shortly.  Please keep an eye on our social media and website for updates about the touring exhibition this Summer.  If you haven’t already, please sign up for our newsletter here to get the latest info!

VINYL CONFLICT: The World of Godzilla Toys  LONG LIVE THE KING!!!